How to start

Register Online

  • Enter your details and upload your ID copy.
  • Complete all field.
  • ID copy must be valid and clear.
  • Registration will not be valid if any of the mandatory fields is incomplete.


  • Shop suitable Waybills & weight break.
  • Go to “Buy Waybills” from the home Dashboard page.
  • Make sure that you have read the Service Terms of Carriage and familiarize yourself with items that can’t be shipped using this service.
  • Your knowledge of your products weight and your daily sales will help you deciding the right weights to purchase.
  • The table contains four quantity breaks (50, 100, 150 & 200 Waybills), select one of the quantities for the right weight break that you are planning to purchase.
  • Your purchase can be minimum SAR 3,250 and the maximum balance can be maintained is SAR 26,000.


  • Complete your shopping cart & proceed to payment.
    • Cash: If you select cash, you will find SMSA bank account details, pleased deposit/Transfer the amount to SMSA account, upload the bank deposit voucher with the reference number, Smartship will send you email confirming the payment and ability to start using the service. Important Note (this method of payment takes 2-3 business days for completion)
    • Credit Card: select your card; you will be taken to a secured payment gateway to complete your payment. Smartship will send you email confirming the payment and ability to start using the service.
    • Saddad (Coming soon):Upon selecting Sadad, you will be issued a unique number, go to your online banking account, select Sadad payment and complete payment of your purchases using the unique number. Smartship will send you email confirming the payment and ability to start using the service.
  • Please select Waybill quantities according to your business needs.
  • The Waybills are valid for one year; Waybills are non-refundable or replaceable after expiry.
  • If you wish to replace your Waybills with deferent weight break Waybills, please contact

Shipment Preparation

  • Ensure shipment weight matches or less than the Waybill, choose your client’s Retail Center from the list.
  • While taking your customer order, ask him about the nearest SMSA Retail Center, you can help your clients using the Retail Center list available on
  • If you select the saving option, your customer’s preferred SMSA Retail Center and all the other details will be saved in your address book. So for the next sales process to the same customer, all you need to do is to search using the customer’s mobile number and all his other details will appear automatically on the consignee’s part immediately.
  • We strongly recommend that you check your customer’s preferred Retail Center every time to prevent shipment delays and additional charges.
  • If the customer decides to change the delivery location, a new Waybill will be used from your account .


  • Print the Waybill of the shipment.
  • Pack your shipment in a sturdy box with sufficient protection for fragile items.
  • Attach the Waybill to the shipment and handover to your preferred SMSA Retail Center.
  • If you are unable to print your Waybills, you can use SMSA mobile Application; SMSA Retail Center will be able to print it for you.
  • The weight and size is restricted to one piece of maximum 30 Kilograms in sturdy and normal size box, SMSA reserves the right to reject oversize shipments and shipments that exceed the weight limit.


  • Your customer should collect his shipment from the selected SMSA Retail Center previously by him.
  • Upon shipment arrival to your customer’s selected Retail Center, an SMS will be sent notifying the customer that the shipment is available for collectio.
  • You are requested to educate your customer to collect the shipment upon receiving this notification.
  • The shipment will be held for 15 days with several notification SMS sent to your customer, if the customer could not collect the shipment within the given period, it will be returned to your preferred retail center, you will receive SMS that the shipment is available for your collection.
  • Your customer can request to extend SMSA’s liability at the SMSA Retail Center by paying 2% of the declared value of the shipment. SMSA Standard Terms of Carriage applies in this event; for more information please contact us at:
  • If your returned shipments are not collected within 15 days, SMSA has the right to confiscate the shipment and will be destroyed after 3 months from the shipping date, no compensation for the cost of goods nor will the shipping charges be paid after such period.